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YYMCA or YWCA (Young Men's Christian Association or Young Women's Christian Association)
YYahoo! (Internet search engine)
YCorporation (IRB)
YIncome (economics)
YEconomy (class airfare)
YBusiness Class (Air Freight; also see C, Economy Class)
YYankee (aviation letter code)
YYen (Japanese currency)
YYukon Territory (postal code designation, Canada)
YY Chromosome
YBundeswehr (German Armed Forces; number plate)
YTyrosine (amino acid)
YLuminance (signal)
YConsolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corporation (manufacturer's symbol; now Convair)
YYotta- (prefix, 10^24 or septillion)
YYocto (prefix for one septillionth, 10^ -24)
YMale Chromosome
YYukon Standard Time
YSearch and Rescue Unit (SRU) Error (US DoD)
YVertical axis in Cartesian coordinate system
YUS DoT tire speed rating (188 mph)
YNavigational error of search craft
YPrototype Aircraft Designation
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In this article I'll show how to create a runnable image of Yocto and how to test it inside QEMU, a basic software emulator; and following how to run it inside an Hypervisor, like Microsoft Hyper-V on Windows.
Mentor provides the embedded systems industrys broadest portfolio of solutions for the industrial market, with offerings that include the Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS) and the Yocto Project-based Mentor Embedded Linux platform.
A shortcut to traditional embedded development, Pulsar Linux allows users to start developing applications on a Yocto Project Compatible OS in minutes after powering up their hardware.
MX6UL SOM with wireless connectivity, and complete Yocto Linux support and Digi TrustFence embedded device security framework integration.
The rBOX630 comes with Yocto embedded Linux to provide an open standard operating system for software program development.
With recent Yocto images for Intel(R) Edison, drivers for UVC USB cameras are already included and you may directly use those cameras.
Continuing its commitment to open source development, Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ:MENT) today announced the newest release of its Yocto Project[TM] 1.
With Digis complete Linux Board Support Package (BSP), the Starter Kit delivers an integrated and tested Yocto Project Linux software platform with regular maintenance based on current, stable releases with full source code access.
Intel(R) Edison's build of Yocto Project Linux uses the opkg manager which doesn't, by default, include Git support.
com)-- The Pepper 43R and Pepper 43C are powerful, complete Single Board Computers (SBCs) carrying a TI Cortex A8 processor, now supporting Android and the Yocto Project Linux build system and wireless connectivity provided by the TI's WiLink[TM] 8 module (WiFi + BT).
Wind River[R], a world leader in embedded and mobile software, has added Yocto Project[TM] components into Wind River Platform for Infotainment.
Make sure you install the newest Yocto Project* image for the Intel(R) Edison board and the UVC driver is loaded.