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YODAY Object Database Adapter (freeware)
YODAYoung Opinionated Directionless Artiste
YODAYour Office Devil's Advocate
YODAYouth Order of Democratic Americans
YODAYour Online Database Access (membership; various organizations)
YODAYoung Adult Delegate to Assembly (Mennonite church)
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Caption: Yoda makes a cameo in a Saudi Arabian high school textbook.
And as to why he thought of Yoda, he said like the king, the Jedi master was known for his intelligence.
Like Yoda in a good mood, the bat has an enigmatic expression and a wide smile.
Cegos is a world leader in training and development, while Yoda Learning is a leader in developing "Project-based" learning solutions.
Maley was the man who made Yoda work; the mastermind of the effects in Mos Eisley Cantina on Tattooine; the man who put the special in effects.
Baker Vicki Smith |(inset) has come up with this Yoda cake
DJ YODA -DJ YODA PRESENTS BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS LONDON turntablist Duncan Beiny, better known as DJ Yoda, has been known to take part in collaborations before, but never anything quite like Breakfast Of Champions, his first ever live band.
The YODA Project will act as a bridge between investigators and JNJ's pharmaceutical and device and diagnostics businesses.
DJ Yoda took thousands of revellers on a nostalgic trip through sci-fi time by mixing music with film soundtracks while clips of films played.
W0hen Luke went hunting for Yoda he found a funny small green fella with big ears.
Interestingly, the J&J deal establishes the YODA project as the type of gatekeeper that some view as a means of overcoming industry concerns.
As per the agreement, YODA will serve as an independent body to review requests from physicians and investigators seeking access to anonymized clinical trials data from Janssen, the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, and make decisions on data sharing.