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YCPrototype Cargo (US military aircraft designation)
YCY Combinator (venture capital; Mountain View, CA)
YCYacht Club
YCYellow Card (soccer)
YCYuba City (city in Northern California)
YCYellowcard (band)
YCYale College
YCYouth Club
YCYouth Conference
YCYard Craft (US Navy)
YCYankee Clipper (amusement park ride)
YCYou're Crazy (Guns N' Roses song)
YCYoung Company (Creative Marketing Communications, Laguna Beach, CA)
YCYouth for Christ
YCYouth Councillor (various organizations)
YCYouth Church (various organizations)
YCOpen Lighter (Non Self-Propelled)
YCYoshi's Cookie (video game)
YCYoung Coders
YCYiffChat (website)
YCYoung Cumbria
YCDistrict Lighter Open (US Navy)
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IF you're crazy about cartoons, wild about superheroes, or go gaga over gadgets and gizmos, you are in for a treat.
IF you think you're crazy and imagining things, you're not.
They pretty much wrote it off as you're crazy and on top of being crazy, you're faking it.
When she told me about the idea, I was surprised at first but then I said 'if you're crazy, I'm crazier so let's do it' and we did the photoshoot," said photographer Mohammed Essam.
If you're crazy about 'Love on the Weekend,' you'll be hooked to: 'Something Like Olivia,' 'Your Body is a Wonderland,' 'Bigger than My Body' and 'Love Song for No One.
One caution: those passing your observing chair might think you're crazy for observing through welding goggles.
It doesn't mater if you're crazy fit, you still have to bring it that day," Jager said.
They might laugh at you, and look at you like you're crazy, but 9/10 times they will understand what you're saying.
Ninety percent of the time you'll get great answers from a perspective you didn't consider; the other 10 percent will think you're crazy, which is fun, too.
Even if you're crazy busy, find 10 minutes here and there.
People don't trust that you can do this; they think you're crazy and that it is a waste of time.
No wonder you're crazy about him--and it seems like he's just as into you.