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YTMYield to Maturity
YTMYou Tell Me
YTMYou Too Much
YTMMedium Harbor Tug
YTMYouth in Theology and Ministry (various locations)
YTMYhteiskuntatieteiden Maisteri (Finnish: Master of Social Sciences)
YTMYang Teramat Mulia (Malay: His Royal Highness)
YTMYou're the Man
YTMYayasan Tanah Merdeka (Indonesian: Free Land Foundation)
YTMYouth for the Third Millennium
YTMDistrict Tug, Harbor, Medium (US Navy)
References in classic literature ?
Now if you're the man for me and I'm the man for you, let's go back to the inn, just beyond the bend of road, and quench our thirst and cool our heads for thinking.
I wish that was the worst of it, and that no more harm might be to come; but if you don't stop these ugly customers in time, Mr Gashford (and I know you; you're the man that blows the fire), you'll find 'em grow a little bit too strong for you.
You're the man who came up with 500,000 "I Am Your Child" video kits to be distributed to educate prospective parents in California.
Ferrari chiefs last night told Irish charger Eddie Irvine: You're the man for us.
You're the man today - the dean of veterans on Veterans Day.
THERE will always be someone better looking than you, funnier than you, even better in bed than you but you're the man she's chosen.
You're the man he calls dad, the one he's grown up with.
She may find it exciting to fantasise about him but the proof of the pudding's in the eating and you're the man she's been faithful to for the last 14 years.