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YAKYakovlev (Soviet aircraft designer)
YAKYou Already Know (band)
YAKYouth Adult Konnections (Idaho)
YAKYouth Action Kouncil (UK)
YAKYouth Action Krew (various locations)
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"We are the sons as you already know, of the two youngest Daughters which Lord St Clair had by Laurina an italian opera girl.
"It's a waste of money for something you already know and we already know.
As you already know our drastically .as you already know our city is an industrial city.
It rearranges much of what you already know or believe into something bigger and simpler.
Skiverton said: "You've got more chance if you've actually worked within the set-up before you take over because you already know the personalities.
Baseline Selling: How To Become A Sales Superstar By Using What You Already Know About The Game Of Baseball by Dave Kurlan (Founder of the Objective Management Group and internationally known for his ground breaking work in evaluating sales people) is an informed and informative introduction to effective sales and business techniques.
Praxis I and II Exam Cram (0789732629, $19.95, 416 pages) by Diana Huggins is an easy to use, concise study guide for the teacher licensing exams which focuses upon only what you need to know to pass the exams and doesn't force you to spend your time reading about things you already know. The guide is packed with test taking strategies, tips, tricks and practical knowledge to help you learn and remember the information.
Zen Parenting: The Art Of Learning What You Already Know is a gentle resource presented in short-story format that encourages readers to more easily apply Zen concepts to practical use in their own lives.
If you are already over $100 million, then you already know the answer.
Many of the poems in this volume are small miracles and do the main job of art: they turn something you think you already know into a mystery and deepen your understanding of what you thought you knew.
You will discover that you already know what you need to know.
If you already know, you'll enjoy this quick read that is more fact than fiction about the work of a district ranger and staff and the influence on their families.