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UCFUniversity of Central Florida
UCFUnified Compliance Framework
UCFUnionville-Chadds Ford (Pennsylvania)
UCFUlman Cancer Fund (Maryland)
UCFUser Constraints File (computing)
UCFUniversity College Falmouth (UK)
UCFUpdate Configuration File
UCFUniversal Communications Facility
UCFUniversal Control Facility
UCFYou Can't Finish
UCFUniversity Christian Fellowship
UCFUranium Conversion Facility
UCFUniversity of Cincinnati Foundation (Cincinnati, OH)
UCFUnion Climatique de France (French: French Climate Union)
UCFUniform Contract Format
UCFUnlevered Cash Flow (finance)
UCFUniversity Centre Folkestone (UK)
UCFUganda Conservation Foundation (Kampala, Uganda)
UCFUnregistration Confirm
UCFUnit Capability Factor (power plant performance)
UCFUser Communication Form
UCFUnited Cat Federation
UCFUnion Chrétienne Féminine (French: Christian Women Union; various locations)
UCFUnited Confederation of Factions (gaming clan)
UCFUnité de Coopération pour la Formation (French: Cooperation Unit for Training; Embassy of France in Austria)
UCFUnión Cívica Femenina (Womens' Civic Union, Guatemala)
UCFUnified Communications Framework
UCFUnion Culturelle Française (French: French Cultural Union)
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Raikkonen said: "It's a shame to have a weekend like this - you're the fastest, then you can't finish.
When you lose four close games to good teams down the stretch, the last minute of the game, you don't second-guess your capability to play with those teams, but it gets a little disheartening to know that you can't finish those games off with wins,'' said Rick Fox.
If you can't finish the milk, store it in a separate container in the refrigerator, and use it as soon as possible.
You're in big trouble if you can't finish in 14 darts.
With quiet irony, he lampoons the CBC's classic Catch-22 position: "We'll buy the film only if you finish it, but you can't finish it if we don't agree to buy it.
you're more nervous over that because if you do lose it, then it looks like you can't finish off a big round of golf,'' Woods said, recalling Greg Norman's spectacular collapse in the 1996 Masters.
Even if you can't finish first, a good finish could put you in line for one of our super runners-up prizes.
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