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YDSYale Divinity School
YDSYouth Development Specialist (various organizations)
YDSYahoo! Desktop Search
YDSYou Don't Say
YDSYosemite Decimal System
YDSYoung Democratic Socialists
YDSYouth Development Scheme (UK)
YDSYorkshire Dialect Society
YDSYogi Divine Society (India)
YDSYoungest Dear Son
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And: "You don't say! @ BBCBREAKING: Young people from Ireland are among five killed after balcony collapses in apartment in Berkeley, California."
What you don't say is whether your boyfriend responds to her flirting.
It's a four-song EP with material from two 7 inches from 1978, the second being Eu Nao Sei and standing out, because although it means "I Don't Know" it sounds like a wise guy saying "You Don't Say?!" It's all primal and stomping, a true rave up as the label would suggest, but goddamn is the production tinny and weird and top ended.
Indeed, you don't say a lot of things, even if you hold them to he true, when you know that saying them will be hurtful or worse.
`Of course the dog doesn't send it herself - the pictures are taken by her mom or her sister.' You don't say.
You don't say why you're moving to Atlanta, but since you are planning to attend law school, choosing an appropriate school should be part of your agenda.
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