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UKTYou Know That
UKTQuakertown, Pennsylvania (Airport Code)
UKTUnited Kingdom Triskelions (UK)
UKTUnit Kawalan Teknikal (Malay: Technical Control Unit; Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute; Penang, Malaysia)
UKTUchida Kraepelin Test (mental fatigue calculation)
UKTUnited Klima Technologies (UK)
UKTUniversity of Kent Troglodytes (caving club; UK)
References in classic literature ?
Don't you know that it is the worst thing in the world, next to wickedness?
I suppose you know that my aunt, Lady Melrose, died some years ago?
SOCRATES: No wonder; but I will try to get nearer if I can, for you know that all things have a common notion.
How do you know that she is not really in love with that--that rich cad--the man she eloped with?
How do you know that I am not pretending to feel like that as part of a carefully-prepared plan?
That's why I think that, whatever you do, there's always some shit lurking in your mind, and if the right shit comes together--you know the difference between quantitative and qualitative, you know that leap to something else.
For instance, there are some lines that can be played rather broadly, but if you know my work, you know that all my characters maintain their dignity, and there should be no buffoonery on stage; so I look for directors who keep the actors reined in, and make a clear interpretation where all the actors maintain their dignity.
Beaumont: Who was it who let you know that Howard Street was good?