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YFGYoung Fine Gael (Ireland)
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Pressure had been growing on the former head of Young Fine Gael after Mr Varadkar said he expected party members to "set a higher standard".
"The progress Ireland has made over the past five years would be completely thrown away," said Dale McDermott, 22, a management consultant who was the former president of Young Fine Gael, the party's youth organizing group.
Speaking after addressing the 27th Young Fine Gael national conference in Limerick, Mr Kenny said he is confident Fine Gael and Labour will be returned to power.
DECISIONS This was not a low level party member - he is a former head of Young Fine Gael.
IRELAND'S unique culture is one of its strongest selling points abroad, a Young Fine Gael conference was told.
The former head of Young Fine Gael was wrong to state the mounting pressure on him to resign was a "trial by media", he should have had the courage to go before he was forced out.
The Opposition leader made the demand in an address to the annual Young Fine Gael conference in Athlone.
GET THE MESSAGE Fine Gael Ministers Noonan, Harris and Coveney, candidates and Young Fine Gael members
There was another shot across Enda Kenny's bows this week in the Irish Times letters page, where one young Fine Gael turk described him as "embarrassing and weak".
Young Fine Gael called on the Taoiseach to hold the General Election on a Friday to ensure students are not prevented from voting.
YOUNG Fine Gael is kicking off its preelection activities with a major conference and 30th anniversary dinner in Jurys Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin, on Saturday, February 3.
He was involved in Trinity Young Fine Gael, while I chaired the Fianna Fail there.
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