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References in classic literature ?
He did not speak again until they had walked some half-a-mile in silence, when he gravely broke out with: 'What would your best friends say, Louisa?
Where the familiar faces are fewer and the school grounds suddenly become so enormous that if your best friend suddenly moves on, it can be a lonely place.
All you have to do is say in no more than 200 words why you and your best friend are Britain's best friends, with any experiences or stories.
She could be jealous - perhaps of your relationship with your best friend because she doesn't have a mate like that.
Now you know what the answer is when someone asks what makes a person your best friend.
But, if you respect yourself, your best friend and the bond you share, you will not give this any more energy.
When you drool over the same dude your best friend digs, you're putting yourself in direct competition with someone you care about.
It's not your best friend you should be worrying about, it's your husband.
Like, you could find out tomorrow that your family's moving to another state, so for you and your best friend that would mean what?
Because your best friends are the ones who stick with you through the ups and the downs in your life
DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR BEST friends from high school?