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YFTTYours for the Taking (band; Canada)
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We were raised knowing that if you got your education right then the world would be yours for the taking.
YOU don't have to be Theresa May to know the exquisite agony of failing to secure the victory that appeared yours for the taking.
If you can clear the debt within the shorter timeframe, the saving is yours for the taking.
Oftentimes doing this, the first boat will hookup, then the school is yours for the taking.
Afterwards, the consequence is yours for the taking.
For weekly stars call 09050 700 403 Leo July 23 - August 22 Success is yours for the taking.
Sitting overlooking the Brynteg Lake, peace and tranquillity are yours for the taking, and with the lodge designed to 'bring the outside in' whatever the PS350,000 Details William & Goodwin, 01286 677775 www.
and a good night's sleep is yours for the taking with Snore Solution.
Backstage passes could be yours for the taking, but just make sure you make a transaction on a MasterCard-branded payments solution.
It's nice to see that sort of human side to those four guys when you have to step up to face them and to have a belief that more so than ever it's yours for the taking if you play well.
All the pleasures of reading are yours for the taking, no matter where you go.
The lunch hour's yours for the taking,she adds, and though there will always be days when you're so busy that you work through, there''s still something really enjoyable and spirit-lifting in enjoying a slice of home.