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YUDYugoslav (Hard) Dinar (national currency since 1966; replaced by New Dinar 1990)
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The Charge d'Affaires from the Embassy of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in Sarajevo, Mr Riste Velkovski, and COMEUFOR, Major General Martin Dorfer attended the ceremony of remembrance.
After WWI, the Yugoslav army and police were armed with a wide assortment of pistols and revolvers received as war reparations from Germany, Austria and Hungary in addition to French Modele 1892 revolvers and various Spanish "Ruby" 7.65mm pistols provided by their new ally, France.
"The new government of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia says it seeks to launch a fresh start in its relations with Greece.
Heads of member states of the six ex Yugoslav states were present, while those from Britain, France and Germany were absent.
Yesterday, UN judges at the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in the Netherlands convicted General Momcilo Perisic of providing troops, ammunition and logistical support to rebel Serbs in Bosnia and Croatia.
Considering that taking up an employment in Germany became a mass phenomenon in all Yugoslav Republics, particularly in the Republics of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, the German-Yugoslav labour migration process can be best described as a "labour-force export" on rails and wheels.
The first Yugoslav national soccer championship was held in 1922.
To solve the problem and mask the flaws in the worker-managed system, Tito came up with a simple, but ingenious, economic strategy: he opened the Yugoslav borders--at least by communist standards--and exported surplus labor.
But the British official was unhappy with the host country's attitude: "After an hour's argument this morning, Yugoslav attitude is as to be expected: official total rejection of the possibility that any policeman could have acted as alleged, plus unofficial and entirely unquotable assurances that there will be some further inquiry behind the scenes.
Former England soccer coach Kevin Keegan was 'undoubtedly roughed up' by Yugoslav police at an airport in 1974, according to official government documents released today.
Milosevic was delivered to the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague in 2001, over the strenuous objections of Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica.