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YSYuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia)
YSYouth Services
YSYours Sincerely
YSYour Servant
YSYou Suck
YSYoshi's Story (video game)
YSYouth Specialties (Minneapolis, MN)
YSYellow Submarine (Beatles album/song)
YSYield Strength (PSI)
YSYottasecond (time measurement)
YSYou Stink
YSY Strainer
YSYour Sinclair (magazine)
YSYellow Signal
YSYellow Shark
YSYemen (Aden) (Including Socotra Island)
YSYama Sakura (Japan)
YSYoung Sam Kim (former Korean president)
YSYumeshima (enterperience community)
YSYoungstown & Southern Railway Company
YSDistrict Barge, Stevadoring (US Navy)
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These programs were piloted on the islands of Yumeshima, Osaka, Koshiki and Kagoshima in 2013 and 2014, respectively.
Construction of the 8-kilometer line, which would provide transport to Maishima, planned site for the main stadium, and Yumeshima, where athletes' dormitories are scheduled to be built, will start in fiscal 2000 and likely be finished in fiscal 2007.
developed and installed the large-scale power storage system that utilizes used batteries from electric vehicles on Yumeshima island, which will begin operating soon.
The mega solar project at a waste landfill location in the Yumeshima district in Osaka's Konohana Ward has obtained tax breaks as a special zone under the central government's Kansai innovation strategy.
The Osaka Hikari-no-Mori Project is a corporate participation-based environmental contribution project initiated to make effective use of the Hokko Landfill Site on Yumeshima in Osaka s Konohana-ku through public-private collaboration.