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YUPPIEYoung Urban Professional
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Over the past decade and a half, parental largesse in the billions has become the dirty little secret of the yuppie class.
Richard Gere laying out his clothes on the bed in the 1980 movie American Gigolo might have been the yuppie archetype, but he seemed a little too moody about his stuff.
So if someone were to collect it, take it away and return it, you will find lazy, overpaid yuppies jumping at the opportunity.
Then there are Hamilton and Meg Swan (Michael Hitchcock and Parker Posey), a pair of neurotic yuppie lawyers and their high-strung, pure-bred Weimaraner, Beatrice.
Among the canine crazies: a yuppie couple (Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock) who transfer their own neuroses onto their Weimaraner; a mild-mannered husband with (literally) two left feet (Levy) who, along the way, discovers that his wife (Catherine O'Hara) has a pretty colorful sexual past; a fly fisherman, would-be ventriloquist (Guest); a gay couple (Michael McKean and John Michael Higgins) in love with each other and their Shih Tzus; and a top-notch dog handler (Jane Lynch) who has strong feelings for her canine charge and its voluptuous owner (Jennifer Coolidge).
You know, you see all these yuppie moms driving in their SUVs,'' said Springer, 47.
This year could see the return of the ultimate yuppie status symbol of yesteryear.
Labour said the Dumpie is the equivalent of the 1980s Yuppie.
The troupe's latest outing, ``City for Sale,'' focuses on the evils of gentrification, as represented by self-serving developer Ben (Amos Glick), who is endeavoring to evict longtime industrial-area residents in order to turn their low-rent housing into high-priced yuppie lofts.
Jason Hughes Here we go again, Cardiff turning into a clockwork orange yuppie styled corporate carbuncle of carbuncles.
Yuppie was an acronym from the Thatcher years of the 1980s that meant Young Upwardly Mobile Professionals who earned good money and could often be flash about spending it.