Z-1Navy Blimp Series
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Les advertian que si no cooperaban podian hablarle al Z-1, quien le llego a poner una pistola en la cabeza.
Oil and gas company BPZ Energy (NYSE:BPZ) said on Monday that it has received the Peruvian Government's Supreme Decree to execute the amendment to the Block Z-1 License agreement.
Richard Spies, CO0 of BPZ Energy said, "The use of the buoyant tower design has been a key driver in the cost-effective and timely expansion of the development of our Z-1 asset.
1 -- color) A mock-up of the Z-1 Integrated Truss Structure, which will serve as the backbone of the electrical power system for the International Space Station, sits on the grounds of Boeing Co.
TO) to explore, develop and expand offshore Block Z-1 in Peru, subject to grant of relevant Peruvian authorities.
Z-1 CDO is a collateralized debt obligation (CDO), comprised primarily of high yield bonds, that closed Oct.
The Company's first well at Corvina will also satisfy the Company's contractual exploration commitment under the current second exploration period of its Block Z-1 License Contract.
The Z-1 well is hoped to be drilled near to the position of former offset wells, that rendered former geological and geophysical data, the firm included.
The operator plans to drill the Z-1 well close to the location of previous offset wells and in the vicinity of known producers.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings affirms one class of the notes issued by Z-1 CDO 1996-1 Ltd.
Mining operations in the field of drill 590 mb ramp Z-1 in the deck.
In addition to purchasing new Sony Z-1 HD cameras, both stations will also be investing in other new equipment for its VJs including Dell laptops equipped with Pinnacle editing software.