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Z64Zelda 64 (game)
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The phase III head and neck AK trial involved treatment of areas up to 25 cm2 in Z64 patients.
When returning, please include the entire product, your complete name, mailing address and phone number in the package and mail to Circus World Displays Ltd, Attention: Adam Crysler, Dealer Returns Specialist, 60 Industrial Parkway Suite Z64, Cheektowaga, NY 14227
Products: Herbicides--AGSCO 400, AGSCO MXL, AGSCO B-4, AGSCO B-5 Advanced, Mad Dog; Small Grains Seed Treatments--DB-Green L, Double-R II, Lindane ST-40, DB-Red L (Canada); Adjuvants--Quad 7, Scoil, Surf, Surf Plus, Surfate, Add-It, Active-It, Z64, Aphoil, Micro-Pac; Dustrets A, LD and MZ 16 for Potatoes; AgStick 4 Soybean; AGSCO Air Systems; Out-N-Back Service (O-N-B Returnable Containers); Precision Farming Services; AGSCO Seeds; Custom Blend Services Ad and PR agency: In-house