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Z64Zelda 64 (game)
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Fifty years after those three pioneering exhibitions, Wolf Lieser, director of the DAM Gallery in Berlin, has curated a group show with the work of twenty artists that draws a connection between the first experiments with the Zuse Graphomat Z64 plotter (also displayed in the gallery) and the latest developments in generative art.
LOCUS Pop 1 AHTk 21L 85, 87, 89, 93 FH 23Z3 135, 139, Z05 FH Z361 343, 347, 351, 355, 359 LEI 2D2 383, 401, 405, 409 FH 23Z6 Z5Z, Z60, Z64, Z80 FH 2305 131, 195, Z07, Z15, ZZ7, Z39 PEZ 03 126,.
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