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Z80Zilog Z80 8-bit microprocessor chip
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The Z80 is priced at Rs 9,000 and it also features a 5-inch IPS display with 2.
Neither the buyer nor the terms of the deal were disclosed in Mondays announcement by Z80 Labs, the state-funded technology incubator sited on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.
Synacor (NASDAQ: SYNC) is listed by Internet-focused technology incubator Z80 Labs as one of its tech incubator supporters.
The average thickness of UF samples was higher than in UY and Z80 samples.
For a while, Ziog's Z80 processor was the king of the hill.
To take advantage of the CMX Ethernet Driver Program, the embedded systems engineer must be using one of the wide range of processors currently supported by CMX-MicroNet, including the 8051, the Atmel AVR, Hitachi's H8S/300H and H8S/2000, the Infineon 80C16x, the Microchip PIC18CXXX, the Mitsubishi M16C, the Philips 8051-XA, the STMicroelectronics ST10, and ZiLOG's Z80, Z180, and eZ80 series of processors.
The smart card is equipped with a Z80 microprocessor (8 bits), a coprocessor, 48 kB of ROM, and 1 kB of RAM.
Zilog Inc has updated its Z80 processor, now nearly 25 years old, for the internet marketplace, by adding embedded internet capabilities and a digital signal processor onto the Z80 core.
Table 1 Semiconductor Technology Licensing Agreements with Korean Firms, 1982-1988 Company Year Technology Samsung and: ITT 1982 telecom ICs Micron 1983 64K DRAM Sharp 1983 CMOS process Zytrex 1983 high-speed CMOS process Zilog 1984 8-bit microprocessor Intergraph 1984 32-bit microprocessor Exel Micro 1985 16K EEPROM Goldstar and: AT&T 1984 telecom ICs Zilog 1985 Z80 microprocessor AMD 1985 64K DRAM United Microtek 1985 256K SRAM Hitachi 1988 1M DRAM Hyundai and: WDC 1984 8-bit 6502 MPU Vitelic 1985 256K DRAM Mosel 1985 64K, 256K SRAM Vitelic 1986 1M DRAM LSI Logic 1985 Gate arrays Source: Mathews and Cho (forthcoming).
Proprietary computers thus had microprocessors that were not Z80, x86, or Sparc compatible and employed system buses (which link a machine's microprocessor, memory, and peripheral devices) that were based on firm-specific designs.
Good sunglasses can cost less than $15 but they must have an American National Standards Institute label reading "Meets ANSI Z80.
For example, Intel's 8086, Motorola's 6800 and Zilog's Z8000 and Z80 microprocessors all had five licensed second-sources.