ZAAGZest Anchor Advanced Generation
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2008b) and more favorable temperatures to stimulate TI in potato, of between 16 and 18[degrees]C (BEUKEMA & VAN DER ZAAG, 1990).
BEUKEMA & VAN DER ZAAG (1990) attributed the decrease in tuber dormancy to increasing photoperiod and temperature conditions at the end of the spring crop season, which speeds up the physiological age and sprouting of tubers, reducing the storage time (BISOGNIN et al.
Tuberculos pequenos e imaturos apresentam maior periodo de dormencia do que tuberculos grandes e com idade fisiologica avancada (BEUKEMA & VAN DEER ZAAG, 1990; ITTERSUM et al.
Portanto, a temperatura de 20[degrees]C adiantou e a 10[degrees]C atrasou a brotacao dos tuberculos, confirmando o efeito da elevacao da temperatura de 10[degrees]C para 20[degrees]C no rompimento da dormencia (BEUKEMA & VAN DER ZAAG, 1990).