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ZAARZ Axis Alignment Ruling
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'I tell you the peace just didn't come; the peace came because we have people among us who said it's enough whether they are Zaar people, whether they are Fulani people, whether they are Hausas, whatever tribe they are, we have our son's and daughters who rise up and said enough to this violence.
Zaar, "A comparison of methods to estimate water-holding capacity in post-rigor porcine muscle," Meat Science, vol.
While there are multiple ethnic groups residing in southern Bauchi, the main groups in the conflict are the Hausa and Fulani, who are largely Muslim, against the Sayawa (Zaar) group, who are predominantly Christian but with some adherents of traditional religion.
Muchas empresas colonizadores que operaban en Rio Grande do Sul fueron estimuladas por el gobierno paranaense para llevar a cabo el proceso de colonizacion de su territorio (Zaar, 2001: 4).
Estes dados foram fundamentais no trabalho, pois, conforme explica a perita odontolegista do departamento gaucho e consultora em Odontologia Legal da Associacao Brasileira de Odontologia (ABO), Susete Zaar Andersen, nas situacoes em que os corpos sao carbonizados, se os dados digitais forem perdidos, os dentes podem fornecer caracteristicas importantes.
Zaar. "Visualization of Pores, Export Sites) Correlated with Cellulose Production in the Envelope of the Gram-negative Bacterium Acetobacter xylinum".
It is being published through a licensing agreement with Hearst Magazines Inter- national, with whom ITP al- ready publishes Harper's Ba- zaar and Esquire.
For example, these events can be listed in the following; folk-games, marriage ceremonies, wakes, alarmed-troops, zaar, fencing, coffee and tea meetings, card-games, and drinking circles.
Two songs on Mehr have their roots in zaar, a complex musical rite with origins in Ethiopia and Somalia that is still practiced today in southeastern Iran.