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ZAARZ Axis Alignment Ruling
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Zaar (1979) suggests that peroxidase may protect the root hairs against soil pathogens.
Leann Zaar, owner and innkeeper of Tranquility Inn Bed and Breakfast, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for her entrepreneurial skills and contributions to Wilmington's tourism and hospitality industries.
Ubaid Raza r/o Sabza Zaar colony said that a person Arif Bhatti introduced himself as an ASI and told him that wireless operators were being recruited in police department and that he can help if given money.
Addressing a seminar at Sanat Zaar here on Monday, she said that first time in the history of Pakistan, the Punjab government introduced women development department for the welfare of women.
But the zaar scenes [depicting Youssra undergoing a ritual exorcism], or scenes of devilish Adel Imam flying, surrounded by fire -- are really terrifying, in some peoples' minds.