ZADZero and Add
ZADZone d'Aménagement Différé (French: Deferred Development Zone)
ZADZadar, Croatia (Airport Code)
ZADZoning Administration Division (Fairfax County, VA)
ZADZanzibar Association of the Disabled (Africa)
ZADZutphen Apeldoorn Deventer (German region)
ZADZagrebacko Arhivisticko Drustvo (Croatian: Zagreb Archival Society; est. 1998)
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A few moments later I saw her deep in conversation with a warrior named Zad; a big, hulking, powerful brute, but one who had never made a kill among his own chieftains, and a second name only with the metal of some chieftain.
As Sarkoja talked with Zad he cast occasional glances in my direction, while she seemed to be urging him very strongly to some action.
I was engaged in changing my riding cloths from one of my thoats to the other, for I divided the day's work between them, when Zad approached me, and without a word struck my animal a terrific blow with his long-sword.
Zad first attempted to rush me down as a bull might a wolf, but I was much too quick for him, and each time I side-stepped his rushes he would go lunging past me, only to receive a nick from my sword upon his arm or back.
Finally Zad, realizing that he was tiring more than I, evidently decided to close in and end the battle in a final blaze of glory for himself; just as he rushed me a blinding flash of light struck full in my eyes, so that I could not see his approach and could only leap blindly to one side in an effort to escape the mighty blade that it seemed I could already feel in my vitals.
It discussed a number of items included in the agenda, most notably the discussion of ZAD budget for 2020 and the commercial report for the second quarter of this year.
Emphasis on prudent risk management and its drive for sustainable growth have helped ZAD Holding Company achieve a consistent and profitable growth trajectory in 2018, according to a top company official.
Hakaya Misk in Riyadh was the visitors' window to learn about "Zad Cafe," the project for which young Ruqi decided to leave his work in pharmacology to complete his foundation.
In this book it recounts two storiesuone about a planned airport in France, and the other about a potential high-speed train in Italy-and the conflicts surrounding both of these very different regionsuNotre-Dame-des-Landes (ZAD) in western France, and ItalyAEs Susa Valley (NoTAV).
Launched in its initial stage, Zad Federal System was developed jointly by MOCCAE and DM, to serve as the official online database platform to approve and register food products.
Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance, has launched Zad, an integrated smart platform for food products data in the UAE.
However, Ali Zad and Zad-e-Haider, sons of Ghulam Abbass, were announced as dead on arrival.