ZADCOZakum Development Company (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
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The Middle East is a key growth area for Amec Foster Wheeler and we look forward to continuing our relationship with ZADCO on this next important phase of work.
Foster Wheeler will combine its extensive technical and project execution expertise in upstream and in plant assessment, reliability, availability and maintenance to develop and evaluate a range of cost-effective solutions to help ZADCO realize its production capacity requirements over the next twenty years," said Umberto della Sala, interim chief executive officer, Foster Wheeler AG.
ZADCO CEO Saif Al Suwaidi said: "I would like to thank NPCC and Technip for their interest in playing a significant role in achieving this project, which is a milestone in our history.
ADNOC has said it wanted ZADCO to be merged with ADMA-OPCO, the main offshore operator in Abu Dhabi in which ADNOC holds 60%.
Instituted to give ZADCO managers an opportunity to enhance their leadership and management skills, the CM Program allows managers to apply program principles on the job; hence increasing job performance and managerial effectiveness.
ZADCO in May 2008 launched three major projects, worth almost $1 bn in total, which will substantially increase its oil and gas production capacity as well as upgrade its existing infrastructure.
The new system will increase long-term production for ZADCO, improve plant safety, and maximixe ZADCO's Return On Capital Employed (ROCE).
a Total ADMA/OPCO 520 460 765 Upper Zakum ZADCO 330 600 750 35 1.
Das Offshore is planning to enter bids invited by the leading oil companies in Abdu Dhabi, including ADNOC, ADMA, ZADCO, Takreer and Technip.
Oil in place at Upper Zakum, which belongs to ZADCO, has been estimated at 50 bn barrels.
The E&P Directorate is in charge of the upstream sector, including ADNOC's exploration work and the E&P joint ventures: onshore ADCO (the largest oil producer), offshore ADMA-OPCO (the third largest oil producer), ZADCO (the second oil producer), and the smaller producers offshore.
With its advanced oil and gas installations, Zirku processes and exports ZADCO s oil via cargo ships to the world markets.