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ZAFSouth Africa (ISO Country code)
ZAFZambia Air Force
ZAFZombie Assault Force (gaming)
ZAFZone Assistance Fund (New Jersey)
ZAFZ-Axis Adhesive Film
ZAFZombie Army Forums
ZAFZero Alignment Feature
ZAFZombie Alliance Force (gaming group)
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Throughout the article, high-inflation countries are defined as those with average annual inflation rates greater than 10% in the pre-IT period, which encompasses BRA, HUN, ISR, PHL, MEX, and ZAF for targeters and ARG and TUR for nontargeters, as listed in Table 1.
EDAX Analysis of CMA Products EDAX ZAF Quantification (Standardless) Element Normalized Element Wt% At% K-Ratio Z A F MgK 30.
2]; ZAF programme for the determination of the chemical concentrations; and elemental mapping programme, most useful to characterize the different crystal constituents of the matter).
She said that the ZAF hospital will not just profit ZAF personnel but likewise surrounding communities.
In classical electron probe analysis schemes employing either a ZAF, bulk-sample [phi]([rho]z), or Bence-Albee approach, both sample and standard are assumed to be infinitely thick with respect to the penetration of the electron beam and have flat polished surfaces.