ZAFTZodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty (Mobile Suit Gundam)
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The following barriers hinder management of disability-related services: (1) uncoordinated mechanisms of eligibility determination, information sharing, and communication among agencies and target populations and (2) fragmentation of services among agencies with mutually exclusive missions resulting in lack of resource mapping (e.g., taking an inventory) and coordination (Hart, Zimbrich, & Ghiloni, 2001; Whelley, Hart, & Zaft, 2002).
Had the panel upheld the earlier measurement, Zaft's buck would have edged out a record of 204 4/8 held since 1965 by a buck taken in Illinois.
Given the reduction in score, Zaft has, according to media reports, chosen to withdraw the buck from both the P&Y record books as well as the Boone & Crockett records.
Sadly, a few bowhunters who once admired Zaft's great whitetail--when it was a potential world record--suddenly regarded the very same animal as unworthy of their respect of honor.
Editor's Note: Here are the facts: P&Y accepted Zaft's buck for entry into the record book.
You must realize this: The moment Wayne Zaft or any hunter tags a whitetail that could rank at or near the top of the records, he or she will immediately be bombarded with offers of sponsorships, endorsements, tours, etc.
I subscribe to your magazine, and I'm a little upset at how quickly your magazine jumped on the Zaft buck story.
The story Wayne Zaft told checked out in every detail.
Pope and Young panel judging is still a full year away and the Zaft buck's official P&Y score is just over 2 inches more than the Mel Johnson buck.
The recent Wayne Zaft buck article claims that the buck could be a potential new Pope and Young world record.
In the meantime, check out the Bowhunter web site at for additional details on the Zaft buck.
Each new version of the Zaft worm we see has become more sophisticated and more malicious in its intent.