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ZAGZP (Zomepirac) Acyl Glucuronide
ZAGZagreb, Croatia (Airport Code)
ZAGZn-Alpha2-Glycoprotein (gene)
ZAGZirconium Aluminum Glycinate (immunology)
ZAGZoning Advisory Group (Clayton County, GA)
ZAGZymosan-Activated Granulocytes (physiology)
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Zag Toys is a consumer product and licensing company specialising in the design, sourcing and distribution of innovative collectibles based on trending pop-culture and gaming brands.
READY TO ROCK RTEJR's Emma O'Driscoll with Zig and Zag
Unique pieces of contemporary art have been selected for Zig Zag and are on display throughout the brasserie.
China bans the Tibetan Zag from events under rules which prevent the display of flags of countries not competing in the Games.
This transformation is already underway--all dealers that work with Zag agree to provide these things.
The Zig Zag four storeys above Paradise Street features extraordinary stair, escalator and bridge links from Paradise Street, South John Street and the Park.
The Zag platform helps facilitate the car buying process for the consumer, providing educational tools and eliminating the fear when buying a car.
Previous studies employing techniques such as immunohistology and 2-dimensional electrophoresis have reported that ZAG is overexpressed in certain malignant tumors and thus may serve as a potential cancer biomarker (12,13).
The banners are the result of photography carried out next to a school in Sandfields, Swansea when traffic was cleared so children could be snapped lying on the warning zig zag signs.
That did not stop Dunn allegedly warning Zig Zag managing director Danny Fenton: 'We will come round and sort you out.
The barrister claimed the couple's behaviour culminated in them forcing their way into the offices of Zig Zag Productions and frightening staff.
ZAG is a nationwide network of eight fee-only investment advisory firms that manage over $3 billion in assets.