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ZAHZuercher AIDS-Hilfe (German: Zurich AIDS Help)
ZAHZahedan, Iran - Zahedan (Airport Code)
ZAHZoroastrian Association of Houston
ZAHZentralen Anlaufstelle Hospiz (German: Central Office Hospice)
ZAHZeitschrift für Althebräistik (German: Journal of Althebräistik; biblical studies)
ZAHZajdel Ascites Hepatoma
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ZAH, "Konrad Peutinger und Margarete Welser--Ehe und Familie im Zeichen des Humanismus", en M.
ZAH is a strategic alliance of strategic relationship between ZAI and Hastings Funds Management (USA), aimed at creating value for public and private project partners.
Earlier, ZAH Amazon had built their innings around Haroon (68), Ihasan (53) and Tariq (47).
Zahs and colleagues (2012) examined the role of MLCK in gut barrier disruption following combined binge alcohol exposure and burn injury.
Each chapter is introduced by Iverson with a brief but detailed description of a period of Navajo history and questions, followed by Zahs personal narrative to fill in the gaps about that aspect of his life.
The book could be examined in two parts, the first understanding the importance of education, which shaped Zahs life from the boarding school to Arizona State, and the second concentrating on Zahs professional career, which peaked when he was elected the first Navajo Nation president in 1991.
Peterson Zahs life coincidentally parallels the struggle and growth of the Navajo Nation, and many of the US governments statutes that influenced how the Navajo Nation was created would also shape Zahs life.
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