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ZAHZuercher AIDS-Hilfe (German: Zurich AIDS Help)
ZAHZahedan, Iran - Zahedan (Airport Code)
ZAHZoroastrian Association of Houston
ZAHZentralen Anlaufstelle Hospiz (German: Central Office Hospice)
ZAHZeitschrift für Althebräistik (German: Journal of Althebräistik; biblical studies)
ZAHZajdel Ascites Hepatoma
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(5) ZAH: Commissariat Department, Tembwe Base I, Political Programme for 200 comrades, 15 December 1978.
"Our Norilux DC lacquer offers excellent chemical resistance as well as grease and abrasion resistance," said Zah. "It is solvent and UV cured, which makes it really durable.
The names of the dramas are Charsi Janan (Drug addict beloved), Sharabi Janana (Drunk beloved), Baghawat (Rebel), Zah Baghi Yam (I am a rebellion) are frustrating and appeal to violent feelings.
In late 2012, as reports of an impending mine purchase became public, Shelly's former spokesman, Erny Zah, described the deal as being "about Navajo Nation sovereignty.
Peter Iverson and Peterson Zah have collaborated to publish a narrative about a Navajo man born on and raised on and off the Navajo Reservation and his arduous but steady climb from an Indian boarding school to the presidency of the Navajo Nation in 1991.
A.; Gauch, M.; Widmer, R.; Wager, P.; Stamp, A.; Zah, R.; Althaus, H.-J.
Respecto a la distribucion por estratos de superficie de las explotaciones agropecuarias (de aqui en adelante EAP's) de la Zonas Agroeconomicas Homogeneas (ZAH)--en numero y superficie que cubren-, el 90% de las EAP's tienen hasta 500 has y ocupan el 26% de la superficie de las explotaciones encuestadas en 2002.
ZAH, Die Bibliothek Konrad Peutingers: Edition der historischen Kataloge und Rekonstruktion der Bestande, Tubingen, 2003-05, II, pp.
The Londoner damaged her knee in this year's world final in Moscow and had surgery but coach Chris Zah fears she may never return.
And coach Chris Zah believes, after consulting former Commonwealth 110m hurdles champion Tony Jarrett - who suffered the same injury - the hurdles may be a thing of the past for Shakes-Drayton.