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ZAIOZanesville Armco Independent Organization (Zanesville, OH)
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Zaio said it had secured commitments from Axis shareholders controlling 97% of the target's stock.
Zaio is a Cancer Federation fundraiser and participates in Illinois Liquor Control Commission BASSET seminars.
AaAaAa Under these agreements signed by high-ranking cabinet and local officials, some 120 million dirhams will be allocated to Zaio, 375 million dirhams to the cities of Driouch, Midar and Ben Tayeb, while the city of Farkhana will receive 320 million dirhams.
Shane Copeland has been hired as new Chief Executive Officer by Zaio Corporation.
A cet effet , le ministre de la a decide de construire et d'equiper, des hopitaux locaux au niveau de la region de l'Oriental notamment a Zaio, Meddar, Figuig, Ahfir, Driouch.
Wisniowski, Charles, "Thomas Inserra--CEO, Zaio Corporation, and Former Appraisal Regulator" (Newsmaker), August, p.
Summary: King Mohammed VI launched, Wednesday in the urban commune of Zaio (province of Nador), the integrated housing programme "Amerkane", with investments of $ 26.
A Spanish woman told yesterday how she saw the tot with a Muslim woman in the northern town of Zaio in May.
and CoreWorx, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for companies including ZAIO Corporation and BTE Technologies Inc.
Il a cite, entre autres, la creation et l'equipement d'une unite de production de poterie a Beni Sidel, l'appui aux forgerons de Zghanghan a travers l'acquisition des equipements et des matieres premieres et la formation des beneficiaires et des femmes a Zaio dans le domaine de la couture, sans oublier le complexe integre de l'artisanat inaugure samedi par SM le Roi.