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ZAKZentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft und Studium Generale (German: Centre for Cultural and General Studies)
ZAKZero Administration Kit
ZAKZero Administration Kit (Microsoft)
ZAKZghazagh Azzjoni Kattolika (Maltese: Youth Catholic Action; Malta)
ZAKZjednoczenie Apostolstwa Katolickiego (Polish: Unification of the Catholic Apostolate; Poland)
ZAKZukunft Ausbildung Karriere (German: Future Career Education)
ZAKZipper Sterile-Alpha-Motif Kinase
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"Falcon" is also about family: Zak, without friends or kin, and Tyler, who is haunted by the death of his brother, gradually come to see that they need each other.
Zak recently competed in the Gateshead Youth Championships, coming first in the four categories he competed in and receiving the outstanding competitor award.
Zak said: "When we started most of the industry was telling us we would be foolish to be based up north.
Zak, who celebrated his 10th birthday recently, said: "I want to help other people and their families who are affected by cancer."
"That's the choice Zak has to make and hopefully Wigan stick with him, he says, 'Get me tested, and that's me done, I can't drink within the season.' "I think Zak has to do that for himself and give Wigan back the faith they've shown."
Despite Zak's promises to be faithful, Bria and Zak's bond is quickly rekindled on their date.
Even during the recent Beast from the East storm, Zak and Iqbal walked through the snow every day to open the shop and serve their customers.
Halfway through a third cycle of compressions, however, Zak suddenly twitched backed to life.
Having to be helped to shower and use the toilet would be every teenage boy's nightmare but for Zak it is his everyday reality.
In her day-to-day life, Zak is anything but unusual.
"Zak was a fantastic father and although I will ensure that our two children know this, it breaks my heart to know that Zak will never get to see our beautiful children grow.