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ZAKUZaft Armed Keeper of Unity (Gundam Seed destiny)
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It appeared the problem would take some time to sort out so the ground team decided to park it "like you would park a car", reported Zaku, "otherwise it could become like a loose cannon which will keep rolling about hitting other satellites in orbit".
Further, application of Kant's Categorical Imperative, the belief that human conduct should be guided by moral principles and actions and should be considered in the context of universal acceptance (that is, an action could become a general law for all humankind), dictates that one should do the "right thing" based on principles such as respect for others (Malloy, Ross, & Zakus, 2003).
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Zakus and Lysack (1998:2) state that patient participation, and or community participation, provides a mechanism for people to participate in activities that have the potential to impact positively on their lives.