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ZALValdivia, Chile - Pichoy (Airport Code)
ZALZone Artistique Libre (French: Free Art Zone; est. 2003; Quebec, Canada)
ZALZicom Australia Limited (software company; Australia)
ZALZeolite Australia Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne, Australia)
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Zal finds his treasure underground with his golden body As brave and invulnerable and strong (1088/12)
Systematic sampling was used for recognizing and studying Permian brachiopods in the Zal Stratigraphic Section,; 60 samples were collected, along with corals and bryozoans, 13 genera and 27 species being recognized in the 15-meter thicksection.
Outre la plateforme de Mita-Casablanca, le Plan ONCF Logistique Emergence (POLE) prevoit la realisation, sur la periode 2010-2020, d'un reseau de plateformes similaires a travers le Royaume, comportant des ZAL adossees a des ports secs a Zenata-Mohammadia, Tanger-Ain Dalia, Fes-Benssouda, Marrakech, El Jorf Lasfar et Beni Oukil-Oujda.
It presents Iran's mythical past, describing heroes such as Rustam and his father Zal, and their legendary battles with Iran's eastern neighbor of Turan as well as supernatural enemies.
The conference was attended by General Manager Technical Nawaz Ali Khan, Chief Engineer Operation Muhammad Yar Khan, Chief Engineer Commercial Fazl-e- Khaliq Khan, Chief Engineer T&G Shahid Mehmood Khan, Chief Engineer Development Abdul Latif Khan, Director General HR Syed Chand Badshah Bukhari, Finance Director Anwar Ul Haq Yousuf Zal and all Managers Operation.
The romance of Zal and Rudaba, the Seven Stages (or Labors) of Rostam, Rostam and Sohrab, Siavash and Soudabeh, Rostam and Akvan Div, the romance of Bizhan and Manizheh and Rostam and Esfandyar are among the most popular Shahnameh stories.
Maar de 6-metre giraf-vormige struik zal zich niet in orde maken.
Releasing at least two great albums of the 70s in Framed and Next, both masterpieces of malevolent power, Harvey was the menacing preacher while the likes of guitarist Zal Cleminson in sinister harlequin garb, was one of his capering acolytes.
The situation was complicated by the fact that in his last meeting with [them] two weeks earlier, 'Presidential Envoy' Zal Khalilzad had left them with the impression that we would turn over governing power to them by mid-May.
Garner was on March 13 quoted as saying: "I thought it was absolutely tragic when Zal got edged out.
Although the oak tree looked healthy, it was actually decaying and posed a liability for the county, Zal said.
AIP said the fighting erupted as forces loyal to Dostum attacked Qala Zal District, the stronghold of the Jamiat-e-Islami group near the border with Tajikistan on Wednesday night.