ZAMACZinc Aluminum Magnesium and Copper (alloy)
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We specialize in plastics, metals such as zamac, liquid
Denis Maurin, EVP of technical sales, HCT Group, says the component mixes an aluminum cap with a zamac base, delivering "a beautifully luxurious finish." As an added bonus to the consumer, it was made refillable to aid in its affordability.
The zamac tip allows a smart application, by gentle smoothing, or pressing on the area to be treated, such as eyes and lips."
Asquan says they "specialize in bringing new concepts to market at an accelerated pace in line with trends." At MakeUp in New York, they featured a wide range of innovative designs for cosmetic packaging, in plastic and metals, such as zamac. The supplier offers unique solutions, such as patented cushion systems for makeup, as well as innovative solutions for liquid eye and lip products.
introduced a new stock cap option produced in Europe: A zamac cap with a leather band, that offers both elegance and a prestigious look.
"Our newest stock creation is a 15mm zamac cap with a genuine leather band in either black or beige," says the company's Gilda Cutri, vice president of operations and business development.
The tube is topped with a zamac, cryo-metallic tip to facilitate targeted application of the formula.