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Additional theoretical contributions include Zame (1993), Modica, Rustichini, and Tallon (1999), Araujo and Pascoa (2002), Sabarwal (2003), Dubey, Geanakoplos, and Shubik (2005), and Geanakoplos and Zame (2007), among others.
Le personnage de Zame souligne le contraste entre ideal utopique et realite parisienne.
See, for instance, Glaeser, Laibson, Scheinkman, and Soutter (2000) and Ball, Eckel, Grossman, and Zame (2001).
This raises questions about whether there is enough collateral in the economy to back all the promises people want to make, which I discuss at length in Geanakoplos (1997) and Geanakoplos and Zame (2009).
I am grateful to Bob Kaplan, Michael Ong, Bill Zame, Kevin Schulman, two anonymous reviewers, and the editors for their valuable comments and advice.
(12.) "Also, ich fasse zame: In oiserem Land isch jede willkchome, sig's als Turischt, als Arbaiter.
Of the 15 fonio- based dishes, djouka, foyo and fini zame (fried fonio) were eaten by 73 out of 102 women (71%).
Bossaert, P., Ghirardato, P., Guarnaschielli, S., & Zame, W.
Encontramos numerosas variantes de este esquema basico: por ejemplo, en Tanquerey, 1925: 377-8: <<Dividitur supernaturale in supernaturale relativum et supernaturale absolutum>> o en la terminologia escolastica: <<supernaturale, supernaturale quoad substantiam, supernaturale quoad modum>> (Thomas 1885 :cccclxxiv) (Lexicon Scolasticorum Verborum, Josepho Zame Mellinio Auctore) ; la reflexion teologica moderna <<ha oscilado entre dos extremos.
Zame, 2000, Default in General Equilibrium with Incomplete Markets, CFDP 1247.
I would like to thank Bryan Ellickson, William Zame, Lawrence White, Alan Flaschner, Ryan Savitz, and three anonymous referees for their insightful comments.