ZAMGZentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (German: Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics)
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The ALADIN/LACE operations were transferred from Toulouse to CHMI, Prague, Czech Republic, in July 1998, while ZAMG in Vienna became the telecommunications and archival center in this period.
He spreads a series of vivid maps on the table at his ZAMG office that clearly show how the biggest change to snow cover came in a big jump in the 1980s, when regional temperature increases surged to twice the global average.
In just a few days, Austria has experienced as much rain as it normally would in two months during this season, ZAMG added.
arrangements will be developed in the first attachment of a ZAMG meteorologist
According to ZAMG, the biggest ash concentration will be above western Austria and the central Alpine area.
The supercomputer is capable of around 512bn computational operations per second and is reportedly 28 times more powerful than the model it is replacing at ZAMG. It will enable meteorologists to compute four, rather than two, forecasts per day, in minutes.
The authors thank Slobodan Nickovic, Nanette Lomarda, and Alexander Baklanov from the World Weather Research Division, WMO; Anna Glazer, Ruping Mo, Ivan Heckman, Monica Bailey, Laura Huang, David Hudak, Sudesh Boodoo, and Norman Donaldson from EC; Sami Niemela, Sigbritt Nasman, Ari Aaltonen, Matias Brockmann, and Mikko Partio from FMI; John Bremnes from MET Norway; Kai Sattler from DMI; Alexander Kann, Jasmina Hadzimustafic, Florian Weidle, and Martin Suklitsch from ZAMG; Nikolai Bocharnikov and Tatyana Bazlova from IRAM; and Valery Lukyanov, Radomir Zaripov, Alexander Smirnov, Denis Blinov, Marina Shatunova, Dmitry Alferov, Alexander and Yury Melnichuk, Arkady Koldaev, and the Olympic forecasting team of Roshydromet.
(ADPnews) - Apr 20, 2010 - A new ash cloud is moving towards Austria and Wednesday will be a critical day, Gerhard Wotawa from the Austrian Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) said for news agency APA.