ZAMMZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Robert M. Pirsig novel; also seen as ZMM)
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Johnson and Kosove are also working on "Marvin the Martian," with director Alex Zamm putting together a short test reel.
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These included: Beverley Hills Family Robinson (Troy Miller, 1997), a surfing movie with an ecological theme (Rip Girls [Joyce Chopra, 2000]), the story of a fifteen-year-old finding solace from her grief in the companionship of a pod of dolphins (Ring of Endless Light [Greg Beeman, 2002]), a tale of pirates and desert islands (Jumping Ship [Michael Lange, 2002]) and the sequels Inspector Gadget 2 (Alex Zamm, 2003) and George of the Jungle 2 (David Grossman, 2003).
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