ZAMNZombies Ate My Neighbors (band)
ZAMNZombies Ate My Neighbors (LucasArts video game)
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BEIRUT: For another consecutive year, Hamra's Zamn Gallery is hosting a treasure trove of Lebanese art.
Zamn Gallery's leitmotif is not to exhibit the names of the artists next to the paintings.
"Syrian Palettes" is on show at Hamra's Zamn Gallery until Aug.
This year's shortlist gathers six works from around the Arab world: "Al Gou'" (Hunger) by Mohamed Al-Bosaty, "Azazel" (Beelzebub) by Youssef Zidan, both from Egypt, "Zamn Al-Kheyoul Al-Baydaa"(Time of White Horses) by Jordanian-Palestinian Ibrahim Nasrallah, "Rawayeh Marie-Claire" (The Scents of Marie-Claire) by Al-Habib Al-Salmy from Tunis, "Al-Motargem Al-Khaen" (The Unfaithful Translator) by Fawwaz Hadad from Syria, and "Al-Hafeeda Al-Amrikeya" (The American Granddaughter) by Inaam Kachachi from Iraq.Aa
Perusing the 36 works in his solo show, currently up at Gallery Zamn in Hamra, gives viewers a sense of isolated incidents, which you must struggle to reconstruct as a linear narrative -- a tale of love, violence or betrayal tinted in red and full of unexplained darkness.
Abdullah Abdessalam's "Life is a Play" is on show at Hamra's Gallery Zamn until March 14.
Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zamn Kaira while condemning the blast termed it a cowardly act and said that terrorist would be dealt strictly.