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ZAMSZero-Age Main Sequence (astronomy)
ZAMSZama American Middle School (US DoD Dependent School; Japan)
ZAMSZymosan-Activated Mouse Serum
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Gerelmaa Enebish and her family seized this business opportunity when in 2003 they established Molor Zam, a company that produces PVC windows on the outskirts of the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.
Molor Zam also took advantage of the rapid economic growth that ranked Mongolia as one of the worlds fastest growing economies up to 2012.
For example, according to the latest Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS V) conducted by the EBRD and the World Bank, companies such as Molor Zam describe inadequate workforce skills as one of the key obstacles to doing business in the country.
Hospital St Vincent Zams, MSR measurement, control and regulation technology.
Hospital St Vincent Zams,Supply and installation of facade and window elements in aluminum.
Contract notice: Kh zams, project house 3, subproject h4h5, upgraded insulation (vws) and plastering.
Vinzenz Zams, upgraded insulation (VWS) and Plastering.
Contract award: "kh zams, project maintenance, subproject - computerthomographiesystem - ct".
Contract award: kh zams, project house 3, subproject h4h5 - black decker works.