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ZANZimbabwe AIDS Network
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Tarzan is derived from the two ape words TAR and ZAN, meaning white skin.
Women Television Channel or shortly called Zan TV according to its founder was the need of time for Afghan women and women right activists to highlight the rights of Afghan women, improve their status and ensure their equity with men in the conservative society.
Finally, a few weeks into the semester, Zan brought a paper, in which he argued that in the future laptops will not be replaced by tablets.
La apuesta de De Zan puede considerarse en el marco de proyectos como los que acabo de mencionar.
Zan Company signed a contract with Real Madrid to come to Oman and play a friendly match with the veteran players of Barcelona Football Club on April 14, 2014.
Zan pursues the bad guys with Raiders of the Lost Ark feats as she deals with her powerful but dysfunctional family and her questionable decisions.
The Zan lateritic horizon lies at the basal section of the Shemshak Formation.
Dr Zan Mitrev held a 10-minute presentation entitled "The Philip II Special Hospital--Past, Present and Future" portraying the everyday work at this renowned center.
DeVries and Zan heavily referenced three vignettes throughout the text.
Soon after he names the chimp "Zan" after Tarzan, Ben and Zan develop a strong friendship through sign language.
The baby chimp is named Zan, and Ben's relationship with Zan, initially cool and jealous, becomes the centre of his life: Zan as he grows is Ben's 'half brother'.
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