ZANLAZimbabwe African National Liberation Army
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The Rhodesian security forces and ZANLA recorded their activities during the war.
He, together with his two Bushman trackers, used their combined big game hunting expertise to track down and to engage what the Rhodesians called the ZANLA 'terrorists'.
Whenever there was danger of enemy attack ZANLA would always withdraw their women fighters to the rear.
There is historical evidence which attest to the presence of female combatants amongst ZANLA and ZIPRA forces in Mozambique.
It could also be argued that in terms of their employment as 'political pawns' by ZANU (PF), they have in fact come full circle as Kriger neatly summed it up: 'The parallels between ZANU (PF)'s use of ZANLA veterans in the early 1980s and in 2000 are striking .
Cold War politics played into the conflict, with the USSR supporting ZIPRA and Communist China providing support to ZANLA.
Both military wings operated from Zambia, though Zanla moved its bases to Tanzania and Mozambique in the 1970s.
Flowing on from this was a general amnesty which saw thousands of disillusioned ZIPRA and ZANLA fighters return to Rhodesia.
Vast quantities of Rhodesian government documents were either destroyed or smuggled to South Africa at independence, while ZANLA and ZIPRA material has only slowly become available to researchers.
17) However, after Mao Tse-Tung's death, China curtailed its military support to ZANLA and other liberation movements in Southern Africa.
Now the day belongs to the former "freedom fighters" of Zanla alone, and their eager younger brothers.
Rhodesian propaganda also peddled that the ZANLA forces were spineless and avoided direct confrontation with the Rhodesian security forces.