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ZAOZakrytoe Aktsionernoe Obschestvo (Russian: Closed Joint Stock Corporation)
ZAOZenith Angle Offset
ZAOZimbabwe AIDS Orphans
ZAOAluminium Doped Zinc Oxide (material for producton of organic light-emitting diodes)
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Once a year, on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, one week before the Chinese New Year, Zao Sheng will ascend to heaven and present a report to the Jade Emperor on how the members of a family behaved in the past year.
JASDAQ Securities Exchange, 3040), a leading innovator of mobile video solutions and products, announced today that it is now taking orders for its Smart-telecaster Zao with breakthrough H.
The rating action is primarily based on ZAO Raiffeisenbank's audited financial statements for 2013 prepared under IFRS, as well as the bank's unaudited IFRS financial statements for Q1 2014.
S-Bank and Bank Stroikredit were placed under administration after failing to build the necessary reserves, the central bank said, adding that it had withdrawn the licence from ZAO MIGOM for failing to build up reserves and to pay off loans on time.
Zao takes part in the International Conference for Communications to be held in the Tunisian city of Hammamet, starting Wednesday.
ZAO SIA International, is currently ranked as the No.
According to the lawsuit, ZAO attempted to book Gaga through a Miami-based management firm called NEW, which claimed it had the necessary Gaga connections to persuade the pop star for the summer appearance, TMZ reported.
Jose Freches, Zao Wou-Ki: Works, Writings, Interviews.
The buyer will acquire 100% of ZAO Elcoteq's shares including the premises and the staff of about 40 employees but excluding customer agreements.
The services will be jointly developed with ZAO Raiffeisenbank, part of Austrian bank holding group Raiffeisen International (WBAG:RIBH).
They are: ZAO aNovosverdlovskaya cogeneration plant (TETs)', ZAO aBogoslovskaya TETs', ZAO ;Nizhneturinskaya State District Power Plant (GRES)', ZAO aBerezniki TETs' (Perm Territory, the company unites the Berezniki-based TETs-2, TETs-4 and TETs-10), and ZAO aVorkuta TETs' (Komi Republic, the company brings together the Vorkuta-based TETs-1 and TETs-2).
Ambassador Raimkul Attakurov said Rusneftekhim ZAO may make investments into construction of Issyk-Kul international airport in Tamchy village.