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ZARDZambia Association for Research and Development (Zambia)
ZARDz-netz.alt.rollenspiele.dsa (newsgroup)
ZARDz-netz.alt.rollenspiele.dsa (German newsgroup)
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Going by the testimonies of those who have had direct and indirect contacts with Raymond Zard however, it can be emphatically stated that the man who came to be popularly known as Ray of Hope exhibits the ideals he espouses very religiously.
As Maissa Zard, Luxurynsight's head of marketing and sales, points out, Chinese tourists have become a lot savvier when it comes to choosing digital products and brands.
We work really hard during the Sajjad's drama series 'Zard Dupeher' which got much appreciation by the audience said Shujat.
Sholeh Zard is a sweet Iranian dessert made of saffron, sugar, and rice.
Youmna Zard, who took on the position of managing director at the company last month, had been using Blatt Chaya's signature tiles for various applications around her home, as drink coasters or platters.
2012: "The Amazing Journey of Khair al-Din ibn Zard" by Ibrahim al-Zaaru (longlist).
From a coltish Zareen in 'Mar Jain Bhi To Kya' to a peevishly erratic Jojo in 'Zard Mausam,' Anum's talent speaks of her ability as a versatile performer.
ca Luiz Azpilicueta Moses Matic Kante Hazard Pedro Costa Le Cup a ante zard edro achievem team TV TIMES: from
Snow voles from Zard Kuh in Zagros Mts., Western Iran, were identified as distinct from the European snow vole Chionomys nivalis and described as a species new to science under the name C.
This case document alleges that Georges Zard Abou Jaoude, Mohammed Hamdoun, Ahmed Safa and other defendants "designed, coordinated, and implemented" an international money laundering scheme that operated to Hezbollah's benefit and lined their own pockets.
The spread includes mirza ghasemi, moutabel, hummus, dolmeh, sambusa, ash reshteh, salad shirazi, Persepolis salad, chelo koobideh, assorted kebabs, mixed rice, different types of biryanis, lamb shank, gheymeh, fesenjan, sholeh, zard, ferni, Iranian halwa, Um Ali, assorted Iranian sweets, and more.
267, KQP-6173, Siddique, Winner, Green Arrow, Simla Green, 2001-40, Meteor, Sprinter, 2001-60, PF-450 and Samarina Zard) exhibited strong positive correlation with maximum temperature.