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Zata issued the statement a day after the Inquirer reported that Chinese investors were targeting the islands for transformation into economic and tourism sites.
Zata said the corvette's taking on the name of Yap was aimed to uphold the legacy of a gallant Filipino military leader, who served in the Korean War as part of the Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea.
"Historically, we're talking about three islands and islets, Fuga Island is in our northwestern border, then the two other islands Grande and Chiquita are right in the mouth of Subic," Zata said in English and Filipino.
"It is also a prime opportunity for sailors and marines of the contingent to hone their sea-keeping skills, foster good relationship with their counterparts and be ambassadors of goodwill in performing the navy's diplomatic role," Zata stated.
Zata Group acquired the property seven months ago as part of a $450,000 deal with Legacy Associates Inc., led by Thomas Hall.
Jonathan Zata, yesterday said Yuan Wang 3 docked in the city only for replenishment.
He added that another Israeli army unit raided Beit Zata, east of Beit Ummar and confiscated a digging machine and a truck, both were working to dig a well in a land that belongs to a Palestinian family.
Zata Vickers, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota, 140 FSCN, 1334 Eckles Ave., St.
The other leading scorers at UMA were Suguitan with 16 and Zata with 15 points.
In the last year, MBI added six new companies: Aloxin Biotech; ECI Biotech, a maker of diagnostic sensors; Nirogyone Therapeutics; Cell Technologies; ZATA Pharmaceuticals, which uses nucleic acid derivatives to try to discover therapies; and, Yurogen Biosystem.
He said in this case, it was stated that an alien survivor called EBE 1 had allegedly organised for twelve specially trained people to visit Serpo in the solar system called Zata Reticuli.