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"There are many prisoners in this prison who experienced an unfair judiciary," Zau Jat said in comments broadcast live over Facebook.
In January 1998, Han Wen Zau and Jou Lien Hwa came to Mississippi and asked Pearson to return to China to teach at the Nanjing seminary, the CCC's main seminary.
Mone Seng Tu, the lawyer for Lum Zawng and Zau Jat, said he intends to lodge an appeal to the Kachin State regional court to have the defamation charges brought at the Myitkyina Township Court dropped.
(5) For a discussion of Shao's decadent aesthetics, see Jonathan Hutt, "Monstre Sacre: The Decadent World of Sinmay Zau," China Heritage Quarterly (June 22, 2010), accessed December 12, 2014, http://www.
(2007) and Betts, Zau, and Rice (2003) investigated the .effects of teachers' college majors .and found no systematic impact on student achievement in high school.
Zeitschriftfur Angewandte Umweltforschung (ZAU), 18, 216-226.
(18) Zau Sam, "Karai Kasang: Rebirthing the Non-Patriarchal Image of God in Kachin Culture," Feminism and Religion, 19 November 2011, at: karai-kasang-rebirthing-the-non-patriarchal-image-of-god-in-kachinculture-by-zau-sam/.
Once he says time s up , the sparring must stop," peace mediator and jade tycoon Yup Zau Hkawng told AFP in an interview in late May.
''We are running out of food, clothing and medicine,'' Zau Ring told Kyodo News early this week in a hut near one of the seven refugee camps he leads scattered around Longdao in southwest China.
Gen Mutu Saypo of the Karen National Union (KNU) becomes Chairman and Lt Gen Gauri Zau Seng of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) Vice Chairman-1, Maj Gen Abel Tweed of the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) Vice Chairman-2, and Nai Hongsa of the New Mon State Party (NMSP) General Secretary) respectively.
(28) E-mail message, Dec.7, 2010, Maria da Conceicao Neto to Douglas Wheeler; regarding Cabindan sailors as couriers taking Angolans' messages to foreign ports, a later case in 1958 when the Luanda-based ELA group sent a report to Holden Roberto, who was in Accra for an international conference; on the Cabindan sailors' roles, see Filipe Zau, Maritimos africanos e um clube com historia (Lisboa: Paralelo Ed., 2009); also see Pacheco, MPLA: um nascimento polemico, 79, nota 25, citation courtesy of Maria da Conceicao Neto, in cited e-mail message, Dec.