ZAVZelf Aangebrachte Voorzieningen (Dutch: Self Provisioned Services; rental property; Netherlands)
ZAVZoroastrian Association of Victoria (Australia)
ZAVZombie Assault Vehicle
ZAVZero Added Value
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En la nueva zonificacion para areas afectadas por el tsunami de 2010, destacan la Zona Turistica de Borde Costero (ZTBC-1), Zonas de Areas Verdes (ZAV), Zona Mixta (ZU-1), Zona Centro (ZC) y Zona Mixta Residencial (ZU-2).
Gjulling i Zav, Upravldelom SNK AKSSR D, Redkin 18 Dec.
The signing follows a March 8 meeting between Philippine Ambassador to Germany Maria Cleofe Natividad and officials of the federal employment agency, International Placement Services (ZAV), in Bonn, said the DFA.
In order to give this prohibition validity, a special decree (Zav Aluf) signed by the commander in charge of the Central Command, Yaeir Nave, had been issued in 2006.
Just over a decade ago, Ben Fine and Zav Rustomjee co-authored what some regard as one of the most significant books on the South African economy, entitled The Political Economy of South Africa: from Minerals Energy Complex to industrialisation (Fine and Rustomjee 1996).
Beeds and Zav detergents; Smoother spray starch; Humming 1/3 and Touch
Dr Zav os dropped the carefully planned bombshell on Saturday at the end of a press conference in the capital to discuss a separate cloning issue.
Wooten); (5)"Shifting Mindsets To Accommodate the Explosion in Distance Learners" (Zav Dadabhoy); (6) "Developing Curricular and Co-Curricular Leadership Programs" (Jonathan C.
Ha'Mishpat Be Matan Zav Kinus Le'Bakashat Hachayav [Judicial
Katy Cleathero said: "My son Zav, racing at Hetton Lyons Country Park.