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ZBAZoning Board of Appeals
ZBAZoning Board of Adjustment (Philadelphia Department of Licences and Inspections; Pennsylvania)
ZBAZero Balance Account
ZBAZen of Business Administration (book by Marc Lesser)
ZBAZero Bias Anomaly
ZBAZambia Basketball Association
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During the ZBA hearings, Chairman Frank Lombardi said a four-fifths vote of the board was required to overturn the ruling.
The ZBA, chaired by the current owner of the proposed site, Wilmot resident Russell E.
Reynold's action to the ZBA, which did not act on the request for 100 days, essentially revoking the building permit through "constructive grant'' of his petition in June 2009.
Approval was granted for application ZBA 22/14/MD from Snodgrass Consulting Services Inc.
The bulk density and the specific surface area of CBA and ZBA was determined by a helium picnometer (Micromeritcs Instrument Corporation--Accupyc 1330) and by a BET Surface Area Analyser (Quantachrome Nova--1200), respectively.
For the accounting to work, the ZBA transfers would have to include customized texts for each transaction, something no ZBA structure was able to provide.
The ZBA granted the variance, however, based solely on the testimony that the new house will not exceed the existing footprint.
The letter from the ZBA to Brown, approving his request for a variance, simply states that the request is 'granted and approved, subject to complete state approval and subsequent supervision.
ZBA enables IT organizations to quickly and easily install a backup and recovery solution for heterogeneous desktops and servers.
Approval was granted for application ZBA 16/13/MD from Patricia and Rick Gray, applicants and owners of property at 291 Seventh Concession Rd.
On appeal, the ZBA argued that restoring the garage apartment would have an increased detrimental effect on the neighborhood because of its proximity to the property line.
ZBA simplifies the installation and configuration process of backup and recovery software.