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ZBBZac Brown Band (band)
ZBBZero-Based Budget(ing)
ZBBZero Bug Bounce
ZBBZinc-Bromine Battery (energy)
ZBBBoundary Bay Airport (Vancouver BC, Canada, Airport code)
ZBBZompist Bulletin Board (linguistics online forum)
ZBBZebbug-Ghawdex (postal locality, Malta)
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So if you show them an idea or a different way of working or opportunity, their Pavlovian reaction to that is, "Let's test it." One of the problems of ZBB is that it put too much pressure on the cost, and now it comes back to this: "Take back control."
Por ejemplo, el mercado de Belen--el mas importante de la Amazonia peruana y en donde trabaja la mayoria de la poblacion de la ZBB--se encuentra entre el centro de la ciudad y la ZBB y tiene acceso al rio Itaya, convirtiendose de ese modo en un mercado-puerto en el cual se venden productos de toda la Amazonia y otras zonas del Peru.
Many companies that implement ZBB soon stop using the approach after they see it significantly disrupting the business, yet failing to deliver the results they anticipated.
The application of ZBB fundamentally changes how an organization requests, allocates, and executes their operational funding.
That having been said, all budgeting remains rooted in political realities; as a Wall Street Journal editorial noted after then-Governor Carter instituted Zero-Based Budgeting in Georgia, "If the political leadership is determined enough, the federal budget could be cut even with existing procedures; and if the White House didn't really care, ZBB would be just another way of shuffling paper." Editorial, Governor Carter's Experiment, WALL STREET J., Oct.
Unilever, the world's second-largest advertiser, spending $8.3 billion in 2014, is the latest big player to shake things up by announcing the implementation of a ZBB approach.
I will not delve into detail as to exactly how ZBB was meant to be operationalized.
Promise: Use zero-based budgeting (ZBB) to review government programs (Sona 2011)
International Resource News-April 20, 2015--Solar Power signs strategic partnership with ZBB Energy
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