ZBIZero Based Index
ZBIZebra Basic Interpreter
ZBIZarit Burden Interview (psychology)
ZBIZiff Brothers Investments
ZBIZust Bachmeier International (various locations)
ZBIZero Back Injuries
ZBIZemba Bros., Inc. (Zanesville, OH)
ZBIZero Based Index Equities
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The burden was considered to be present if the participant reported a ZBI of 21 or more.
those reported ZBI score 21 or more, a bivariant analysis showed a significant relation between the availability of secondary caregiver and burden (P < 0.
The ZBI has been consistently shown to have excellent internal consistency with a Cronbach's alpha range between 0.
Pearson's correlation coefficients were determined for associations between FIM score for disability, CHART score for handicap, quality of life scores and the study parameter of caregiver burden by ZBI scores.
ZBI and socio-demographic characteristics of subjects
Analysis of responses to items on the ZBI showed that factors related to stigma, negative behaviours of the patients and financial constraints were the caregivers' three most-reported causes of burden.
Several authors have also examined the factor structure of the ZBI.
In addition to the wide use with white, English-speaking older adults, the ZBI has been applied to other cultural groups.