ZBMRZero-Based Management Review (Nonprofit Management Solutions; San Diego, CA)
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A sampling of recommendations from various ZBMR reports relative to different departments is listed in Exhibit 2 to provide some perspective as to the nature and scope of typical ZBMR recommendations.
Even with strong champions, you will have staff who will attempt to discredit the ZBMR teams and team members.
San Diego annually hosts an awards breakfast or lunch with members of the City Council presenting plaques to members of the ZBMR teams.
1) the primary purpose of the program is to share private sector experience and expertise with the city through the ZBMR reports; and
2) in those instances where city staff is doing an excellent job, the ZBMR teams provide validation for a job being well-done.
The program does not boast intangible benefits alone, however for every dollar spent to date in the ZBMR process, the city of San Diego has received more than $100 in cumulative direct savings or spendable benefits.