ZBPZipperless Ball Pocket (golf)
ZBPZinc-Binding Protein (biochemistry)
ZBPZinc-Finger Binding Protein
ZBPZIP Business Patterns (US Census Bureau)
ZBPZydeco Blues Patrol (band)
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ZBP: When I was fourteen years old, my sister suddenly passed away and I put all my energy into running.
ZBP: I think I subconsciously tried to make up for my sister's death by being a good runner.
ZBP: I never set out to run world records or win championships.
ZBP: Today, I look at myself as a survivor of "the competitive-narrative syndrome." It took a great deal of torment and soul-searching to reach the point where I could truly say and believe that this moment in time is exactly where I want to be, that this is what I want to do with my running, and that my running moment is now, and not lost somewhere in the past.
Although both models (ZBP and AdG) predict repulsion between strongly compressed polymer brushes, the physical origin of such repulsion is different.
We shall use equation (6) to obtain the PMF for the ZBP model, using the radial distribution functions calculated in reference (22), and compare with the models shown in equations (4) and (5).
First, we show the PMF for ZBP's model (14) as a function of the polymer brush thickness, then for increasing quality of the solvent, and finally for a colloidal dispersion with and without electrostatic interactions.
Las mariposas diurnas fueron recogidas con redes entomologicas marca Bioquip con 5 extensiones y trampas Van Someren-Rydon que fueron particularmente utiles en la ZBP, empleando platano maduro y pescado en descomposicion.
* (Especie solo avistada) FAMILIAS/TAXON ZBP ZAP R PAPILIONOIDEA/PAPILIONIDAE Battus polydamas polydamas (L., 1758) X X X Battus ingennus ingennus (Dyar, 1907) X X Battus laodamas laodamas (Felder, 1859) X X Eurytides orabilis isocharis (Roths.
Due to the requirement to optimize the technical solution signaling and telecommunication cable lines is necessary to build ZBP and focus in areas targeted crossings and bridges on the route FrE'dlant - New Town below spruce;
OMV is a corporate partner of the WU ZBP Career Center and attends regular career events in this role.