ZBSZero Based Services
ZBSZero Blocks
ZBSZero Bits
ZBSZone Blocking Scheme (football)
ZBSZodiak Broadcasting Station (Malawi)
ZBSZack's Bike Shop (Malaysia)
ZBSZinc Binding Site
ZBSZealot Battle System (game)
ZBSZone Brewery Support
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Focus on the four macro areas (ZBS, ZBO, ZBFO, and ZBSC) to get the needed cash to reinvest for growth.
A very special technical feature of this 1.5 hour long, full cast production is the use of a binaural microphone that creates a kind of three dimensional listening experience that needs to be heard on a stereo audio player for the full benefit of the 'theatre of the mind' experience that ZBS productions are so well noted for.
Beginning with a ZBS count of zero, the ZBS count is incremented with each consecutive occurrence of a ZBS without encountering a Shift-DR TAPC state.
Locking the ZBS count is equivalent to storing the count for subsequent use.
The installation of the 'universal' ZBS machine by Kuhlmeyer's UK agent, Ellesco Limited, has resulted in many benefits for Brattonsound, particularly in the areas of health and safety, and quality.
Mr Nhema left a well-payed job as Assistant Chief of Protocol at the President's Office to take up the post of ZBS Managing Director in 1991, taking a risk which for many looked like an uphill battle.
"I have never shied away from a challenge, and being one of the founding members of the ZBS was too exciting to resist," Mr Nhema says.
The ZBS Foundation produces an original series of science fiction and fantasy productions that feature flawless production values, a full cast, original music and superb special effects.
With their usual technical excellence and adherence to dramatic recording standards, the folks at ZBS Foundation have produced another true 'theatre of the mind' experience for the listener, making "Dreams Of Rio" a superb choice for science fiction enthusiasts in general--and Jack Flanders fans in particular!
For dedicated fans of these flawlessly recorded ZBS productions, "Moon Over Morocco" is a must.