ZCWDZamboanga City Water District (Philippines)
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As of noontime Sunday, the ZCWD reported that the dam level was 74.
Meanwhile, ZCWD is expecting heavy rains soon that will further increase the stream flow of the water source and may shorten the schedule of rationing.
ZCWD has the exclusive right to distribute water for the entire geographical boundaries of Zamboanga City.
ZCWD also noted the past several days a slow replenishment of water supply in its two reservoirs at the Water Treatment Plant located in the village of Pasonanca in Zamboanga City, thus the need to impose a daily water rationing to the entire Zamboanga city effective tomorrow.
The current water level at the ZCWD reservoir stands at 73.
ZCWD Assistant General Manager for Operations Engineer Alejo Rojas Jr.
Vasquez, however, said cloud seeding could help raise the water level in the dam that ZCWD was using.
Galvan added the fund will be paid back by ZCWD under a recoupment scheme (years moratorium and payable in 20 years without interest), which was part of the memorandum of agreement signed by the local government unit (LGU) and ZCWD on December 12, 2011.
The ZCWD has received reports that water rations intended for the refugees were not reaching their intended target because home-based families, or the permanent residents living around the evacuation centers, were insisting that the water tanks service them first.
On Monday, the CDRRMC urged the city council to declare the state of calamity even as the ZCWD said it was only able to provide about a third of the water volume it used to deliver to over 70,000 consumers.
From an average flow of about 14,000 cubic meters per hour in previous years, the ZCWD said, supply has gone down to only about 4,000 these days.
Leonardo Ray Vasquez, ZCWD general manager, said at least half of the city's 98 villages will be waterless for half a day on a daily basis because of the rationing scheme, which started on Friday.