ZDDZero Divergence Directive
ZDDZoned Decimal Data
ZDDZero Discharge Desalination
ZDDZero-Suppressed Binary Decision Diagram
ZDDZero Delay Device
ZDDZero Defects by Design
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Applications of the technology include greenfield desalination sites and retrofit of existing Reverse Osmosis (RO) facilities, where ZDD is expected to increase recovery rates from 75 to 97 percent; various industrial applications to enhance water reuse capabilities; and seawater desalination to improve water recovery rates and produce multiple byproducts.
"The integration of Serena ChangeMan ZDD with Serena ChangeMan ZMF helps free development staff from manual processes which could introduce integrity risks to the overall development life cycle."
Serena ChangeMan ZDD is the latest addition to the Serena ChangeMan Product Family Suite, which provides a single point of control for automating cross-platform application changes across the enterprise -- from the mainframe to the Web.
Zona espacial Incidencia Percentual de gols de frequencia Zona ofensiva central (ZOC) 80 gols 36,2% Zona ofensiva esquerda (ZOE) 40 gols 18,1% Zona media ofensiva central (ZMOC) 32 gols 14,5% Zona ofensiva direita (ZOD) 24 gols 10,8% Zona media ofensiva direita (ZMOD) 16 gols 7,2% Zona media ofensiva esquerda (ZMOE) 11 gols 4,9% Zona media defensiva central (ZMDC) 9 gols 4,1% Zona media defensiva direita (ZMDD) 3 gols 1,3% Zona media defensiva esquerda (ZMDE) 3 gols 1,3% Zona defensiva centro (ZDC) 3 gols 1,3% Zona defensiva direita (ZDD) 0 0% Zona defensiva esquerda (ZDE) 0 0% Total 221 gols 100% Tabela 6--Numeros de gols marcados por tempo durante a copa do mundo FIFA de beach soccer 2013.